Friday, May 30, 2008

Murderous Medea.

Medea opens this week. On Wednesday.
I have learned some new things with this first little attempt at Greek Theatre.

I have learned, for example, that it is not easy to deliver lines like, "She will be tripping in the snare and falling into the trap of destiny and wretched death: it's closing and she won't get free"
Lots of 25 cent words in there, as Ms. Hampton would say.

I also learned some about masks, especially Greek ones. Had a hard time to be honest. I mean, I think the picture says it all but really, Peter Hall wrote a pretty interesting book called, "Exposed by the Mask". He said that 'the Greek mask was enigmatic, uncertain representing human confusion and, 'above all the mask is the tool of the imagination. A metaphor. An audience can see on it infinite emotions.'

Also, by working on this project with this tiny acting company I have reaffirmed the notion that it is not easy.. being in love with a dying art form. Theatre needs you to watch it. There is mind blowing theatre out there and there could be more of it, if people went to watch it. And while I cant promise that this will be the best theatre ever produced, I still think people should watch theatre. If you want to start this week by watching Medea, sounds good to me. Heck!, I'll be there.

And while you are at it this week, go to Janelle's art show in Provo. Be well rounded, go ahead.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Side walk chalk, radio talk etc...

Just a few more reasons why spring and summer are way more awesome than winter.




Popsicles/Ice Cream

Watercolors (they just dont feel right in the winter)

Kites (lady(bug) in the sky with diamonds)


Mornings (like this morning)... off
/freedom to read whatever you like...

Ppppfffffff!!!! Winter aint got nothin' on spring.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


we are spokes.
we drink cokes.

join us for a bike ride.

also. bubbles are magicalllll.

welcome summer.. we've been waiting for you...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


So, my friend Bustin Justin has always been pretty famous. I heard talk of the kid before I ever met him..

Today he continues the story of his fame. He's a disgustingly talented artist. A few times last year I went and modeled for some of his drawing classes and it was pretty awesome. Every time I walk into an art classroom or studio of any kind, I automatically start getting jealous... I wish I could draw/paint/anything like that... just not in the cards for me..

Yesterday, Ju invited me to sit for this little drawing that him and Jeff Hein were doing for a demo video to promote the school they, and some other talented Utah artists, are starting. I seriously had the best time. I admire these dudes a lot. They are both so freaking good and they spent most of the morning drawing, laughing and telling each other how good they thought the other's drawing was. They are an awesome team to see draw side by side at the same time. Those dudes.. soo gooooood.

Aww, my famous friend Ju...



I think everyone should be checking out their art. It's all over the place. I know Ju has some stuff up in Springville right now and you can check out his stuff on his website You have probably seen Jeff's religious art on the cover of Ensigns and such, you should check out his other stuff at You can also look into the school they are starting at

I know they probably don't need me spreading the word about them... I just want to..

Elevator Love Letter

Laundry Days.. there is something about the coin operated machines. I don't have classes in the morning anymore so I have been doing things like laundry at times like 10:00am on days like Tuesdays..

Lately on laundry days I have been playing this little game. Our buildings' laundry room is on the 4th floor. There are stairs and there is also an elevator. That elevator is always mocking me.. whenever I take it I feel lazy but I don't love hauling all my dirty clothing up the stairs.. One day,I just decided that the elevator needed to be put in his place. This is how the game works:

I walk up and push the button for the elevator..

When the door opens.. I reach in and push 4 (sometimes I plop by basket down in there too)

Then, I race as fast as i can around the corner and to the stairs..

And I run up the stairs as fast as i can all the way to the 4th floor!!!
It's a race between me and that cocky elevator!!

The first time I felt like I ran so fast I got there just as the elevator door was sliding open.. I guess we could call that one a tie..
I am happy to report that, lately, I have been winning pretty steadily..

This is probably a waste of energy or electricity or time or something.. but I do not really care.

Another fantastic thing about laundry is that often due to the threat of shrinking or damage, many articles of clothing cannot be dried in the dryer.. so on laundry days our living room becomes a patchwork quilt of our wardrobes.

I must admit that I really like that too.

Something about it reminds me of waking up early Monday mornings in El Salvador and washing every article of clothing I owned by hand and hanging it on a clothes line to dry.. a clothes line.. i used to use one.. like, for my clothes. And clothes pins too, I used to use those to hang up clothes.. on my clothes line. It was perfect.

The elevator game is pretty fun too though.

Monday, May 12, 2008


Know what is glorious?
picnics -naps in the sun.

trampolines are pretty glorious.
Also, Rehearsals at outdoor theatres:

Late night bike rides, post-domino's, to the cemetery.. especially when it's sprinkling.
Driving a fast, fast American made car and its raining a little harder.. rolling stones on the radio.
Movie Screenings..
(If you did not get a chance to see Method, the short film, you can watch it here on Wendy and Rob's blog:

After a short time off, Glory is back in all her... well... glory.

Many glorious infinite times... I'd like to make a bouquet of them.

Friday, May 2, 2008

every party (has a... )

On parties/party-like social events..

2 of my favorite people have written songs about the "party mood phenomenon".
One is Mr. Jens Lekman

who brilliantly wrote lyrics like, "I killed the party again, I killed it for my Friends" or "I feel like going home but at the same time, I don't" into his song Black Cab- which is a windows down-heater on-volume up, super hit!

And then there's this charming little guy.. Mr. Erlend Oye

Every lyric in this song is near perfect. I wish I could have found a video of the jazzed up version of this song..

I think I grow slightly more socially awkward as each year passes. Dancing used to be a cure all.. even if I didn't know anyone at the party very well, if there was dancing involved I would still dance my socks off (in a corner?).. there was evidence of that this week..

there has also been evidence that suggests that if you are not feeling it, you cant force it and all of nature will step in a prevent you from partying.. even if dancing is present. "sometimes, all I can do- find a spot out of the light"

Often the best part of the evening is still the drive home...