Thursday, March 19, 2009

Shameless Plug

So, ehhh.. if you have not yet read about it on facebook (or had me harass you in some other way) We are having a fund raiser for the HELP International El Salvador Team at Hot Dog on a Stick on Monday March 23rd from 4-7pm!

(this is my life right now, y'all.. hot dogs and international development! Mayyybee tiny bits of other stuff too- but really- this is mostly it..

So please come. Eat some hot dogs! Tell the nice girl that you are there for the fund raiser or grab a flyer at customer service when you walk in the mall. And we will get some money to help people in El Salvador. Then the people in El Salvador will be just as happy as this guy:Also, if you cant make it on Monday for whatever reason but you still want to HELP (internationally). Please feel free to donate whatever you can on line at

100% of this money is for projects we will do this summer.. and man, we have some really awesome projects we are hoping to do.

Hope this shameless plug wasn't too too shameless. You will all still read my blog right?

Friday, March 13, 2009

i was meant for the stage

This evening i was talking to my sister about Coraline (which everyone should see- it's really great) and we got talking about the footlights in the theater in that movie.. which led us to a discussion about Somewhere in Time (footlights in that theater).

Maybe some of you haven't seen this brilliant classic starring Jane Seymour and Christopher Reves, and that's a real shame. I kind of wish i were exaggerating when i say that this movie, specifically this scene, was probably ehhhhhh 75-80% of why i wanted so badly to become an actress when i was just a little thing. I watched this movie with said sister, probably one zillion times!

mindy also reminded me that jane seymour was in the film of The Scarlet Pimpernel (another way over watched with sister movie) and she plays an actress again! Man, jane-- you are kind of my inspiration??


Thursday, March 12, 2009

you have to marry me, Howard!

So- in the 7th grade I had a mad crush on this boy who wrote poems inside of a sketchbook, had long bleached blond hair and wore Marlyn Manson T-Shirts to school... that lasted years. I moved away and we wrote letters back and forth (we never got into email-- we kept it old school)...

I thought I might never have a crush like that again until the day I set foot on campus at the Las Vegas Academy. It was there that I met Matt Goubler. Oh Matt Goubler, Matt walk around campus with your hands in your pockets, always looking amazingly mysterious/charming/adorable Goubler.. Matt Goubler was my Jordan Catelano..

He actually ushered me into my audition for the Academy and through all the parts of my audition. I wrote pages and pages about that in my journal. That year he also played Howard in Picnic at LVA-- and that hat made me love him even more.. The cover to the program (yes i still remember) said, "what can you do with the love that you feel?" Coincidence? I think not! The character who plays opposite him begs him to marry her sayin, 'you have to marry me Howard.' And I would repeat that with Tonopah and other girlfriends whenever I thought about Matt Goubler..

Most crushes just disappear, like Mr. 7th grade-- but some of them, like Matt turn into famous actor or model or artists

You may have seen my first high school crush in Life Aquatic (the intern) or maybe one of 60 something episodes of criminal minds.. maybe modeling for Marc Jacobs or Louis Vuitton... or maybe you have seen him in one of these collages that some 16 year old girl probably posted on the internet..

Oh the ones that get away...
(he didn't even know my name- but i am sure we were meant to be)

side note: Mr. 7th grade is a major scene-ster in SLC. He works at the Urban Lounge. I see him all the time. Life's awful funny.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

cher amour,

en additionnant la cote, je vous ai attendus
je compte les appels qui n'ont jamais traversé
je compte mes amis vous avez fondu complètement
je compte les temps vous êtes venus depuis un jour

j'ai eu assez, vous ne me donnez jamais rien
vous ne savez pas que l'amour va à la maison à Paris au printemps ?


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Huck-a-hunk of burnin' love

Oh wow.

So- I was going through old pictures and things trying to clean up make room on my sad-excuse-for-a-computer and I came across this old video that I totally forgot I had! I almost peed my pants, I was laughing so hard!

This was one day in after school, when I was working with the kiddies (probably almost a year ago now.. i cant believe it).

We were singing Elvis songs (the first graders were really into Elvis I used to bring my guitar so we could mess around and sing..)but, as you can will see, on this particular day they were really just not all that into it..

this video is also a fantastic display of how much control i have over kids.. awesome..

the camera man was a 7 year old named Jael.. (you will see his shoe)