Thursday, February 26, 2009

I would like to be you (just for a few habit forming years)

i have a favorite ceramist.
that's her.

once a week she is my favorite ceramics teacher and helps me to make things like this:

and when the handle of the umbrella that i just complete snaps into three pieces, and i almost start crying- she fixes it right up!!

My favorite ceramist is about to have a solid gold birthdayyyyyy!!!

i cant wait because, i love her. i love her because she fixes everything right up and because she teaches me innumerable things about shaping clay (and about shaping my whole life) i am lucky that she sleeps in the same room as me.

This song is for you, My Yoko!! (i will love you on your birthday- i will love you better than them!)

ps. you should check out more of this girls ceramics and thoughts. i mean, she is really awesome.

also: the umbrellas are fired. i cant wait to glaze them! i am getting a pretty good sized crush on clay..

Monday, February 23, 2009

extraordinary machine

i recently had a old friend tell me that this was my theme song..

i wasn't sure what he meant when he said that.. (complement?)

but today i was reading through the lyrics and i think that today i agree.. this is today's theme song.

Coming Soon:
Blogs about California, Ceramics, Car rides
and other things brought to you by the letter "C"

Sunday, February 8, 2009

under the covers

So yes, I love blankets (blank it's) and I also love covers..

Here are some of my absolute favorite covers:

1. Let's Dance- M. Ward (Bowie Cover)
(this cover is quite possibly the best love song ever.ever.ever)
2. True Love Will Find You In the End- Beck
(Daniel Johnston cover)
3. All Mixed Up -Red House Painters (Cars Cover)
4. Heart it Races- Dr. Dog (Architecture in Helsinki cover)
5. Times Like These -Ryan Adams (Foo Fighters Cover)
6. I'm a Little Lost- Jens Lekman (Arthur Russel Cover)
6. These Days -St. Vincent/Mates of State (Niko Cover)
7. Landslide -The Smashing Pumpkins (Fleetwood Mac Cover)
8. Don't Look Back in Anger- Devendra Bandhart (Oasis Cover)
9. When You Were Mine- Casiotone for the Painfully Alone
(Prince Cover)
10. You've Really Got a Hold on Me- She & Him
(Smokey Robinson Cover)
11. Killing the Blues - Robert Plant & Alison Krauss
12. Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa- Hot Chip and Peter Gabriel
(Vampire Weekend Cover)
(Britannie just sent me that one)
13. Exit Music for a Film -Vampire Weekend (Radiohead Cover)
l4. My Blue Heaven -Nora Jones (Fats Domino Cover)
15. Your Gonna Make Me Lonesome when You Go
- Madeleine Peyroux (Dylan Cover)

many of these have been given to me so if you are the one who gave them to me; well thank you very much!

And if you know of any other covers that should be on this list, tell me NOW!

moving pictures

i read an interesting article recently about cinema. i saw a really great film tonight. and earlier today i was working on writing a film..

and for some reason lately I have been thing a lot about this short film:

my sister blogged about this film once and i think its because we both agree that this film is so incredibly brilliant! and its brilliant because it succeeds in capturing an emotion that is near impossible to express. and i love the end. i love that she falls in love with life in a simple moment on a bench alone; with a sandwich.

life is crazy. there are always these thoughts that bounce around inside, at least for me. i always think about the past and all decisions made and then i try to guess what's coming and i never can..

"we can only hold so much from what i figure, we try and keep our eye on the big picture- the picture keeps getting bigger".. you have to simplify. this maybe isn't that easy-- and i'm maybe never quite sure how because i feel kind of like, "when i look down- i just miss all the good stuff and when i look up- i just trip over things"

but every now and then i get it right. i fly a kite off of the bellagio parking structure with two of the best people i know. i laugh until i cry with my sister. i go to a "tweeny" show with funny people.. i dance.. i make ceramic umbrellas.. i take myself to the movies.. i unload the dishwasher..

big goal of 2009:
to simplify
and to fall in love with my life at least once a day
(even if i have to do it sitting on a park bench alone.)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

hold time; on time.

Something arrived just on time today! A little surprise for me!

You can listen to M. Ward's who new album Here:

just love love love HIM!

i really cant believe he covers "lonesome me"-- on this album. how does he know these things? how does he know to cover the best songs ever made?

m. ward and i speak the same language. also: he is always on time.