Wednesday, October 29, 2008

stream of consciousness

The blue period happens:

the moon makes the sky look dark blue-
i can see the moon outside my window from my bed-
'my, isn't the moonlight terrible?'-
the moonlight's soundtrack is a train whistle-
i do love stephens mint chocolate marshmallow hot chocolate..
two hot drinks in one evening means that i cant sleep
sometimes empty paper Starbucks cups next to the emergency break are a melancholy sight...
applying the breaks- slowing down something you might have let go smoothly for a while longer.. is not easy..
cars and their breaks cost A LOT of money.. they break sometimes..
money is not real..
you can miss something.. even things that are not real
(i do not miss money tonight.. but i miss some things that aren't/weren't real)
i'd drive home this weekend had i the money and the time..
i will go pretty far out of my way to drive over/walk in/ride through crunchy leaves
'back home kids play in the leaves in the park.. she wants to play a game of hearts'
sometimes it feels like people are always hurting someone or being hurt..
'i don't know which is worse'
i will spend this Halloween rehearsing..
i am an actress. no that's not right...
my heart is always on the line...
got 45's to play at night and books to spend with every weekend..
truman capote creates the best character names
i am holly golightly
(i wish i were as interesting as a character in book)
got books to spend with every weekend
it might be better to stay in..
better in than exposed on the cliffs of the heart...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Irony is when your heater and your refrigerator break at the same time..

my, that irony can sure be diabolical... then Utah gets in on the game decides to spring an usually cold couple of days on ya' at the same time..

i swear, everything about me has been cold for days.. my toes, my finger tips, my bed, my clothes, my toilet seat... every little thing!!

Everything, that is, except the 2 liter of diet dr. pepper and the rest of the groceries that are inside the one place in the house that is warmer than 55 degrees (that would be the fridge.. it's nice a toasty in there..)


it is kinda like rain on your wedding day.. or the free ride when you already paid.. or the good advice that you just didn't take...