Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday, August 13, 2010

don't leave my hyper heart alone

"As far back as I can reach with my memory, I dreamed about oranges, which were my ideal fruits and source of good things. Perhaps I was enchanted by them because they were scarce and expensive. In my youth they were a symbol of weath, sucess and exquisite taste. The greatest experience was when I quartered a naked orange. On each quarter I would see the faces of actors from the past.. And if they were very famous, I thought they would have baskets and baskets of these fruits.. Oranges became more and more a part of my secret life. I decided to have at least one every day. Each time I went out I would carry an orange in my pocket, touching it from time to time for assurance. This talisman gave me strengh to live and the feeling that someday I would be famous and have hundreds and thousands of oranges" -Greta Garbo

Right now, i need oranges in both my pockets.