Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

silver thoughts

Okay- just a few little thoughts for a breezy afternoon. I have spent the last few weeks writing and rewriting a speech for the fine arts convocation on Aug. 12th. If you are thinking to yourself, 'what the? Didn't you already graduate, emily?' Here's the thing... I "walked" at the April convocation because that's when most people do, and I only had one more tech. theatre requirement to complete (costumes) so I figured I'd just go for it. A few days after walking, I got a call asking me to speak at the fine arts convocation in Aug. I have been joking ever since that it took me so long to finish college that they are letting me graduate twice.

So, my speech is on developing personal character. I've thought so much about this subject the past few years. (I am an actress yes, but!) I think the reason I think about this subject often is because I have come to realize that the people I admire most in the world (fictional or non-fictional) are people who possess and act with strength of character.

At the same time, I realize the largest and deepest regrets of my life stemmed from moments when I displayed a serious lack of character... When my character was weak. It's interesting because in every example I can think of (and thankfully there aren't that many- but there are more than I would like) My lack of ability to act with the character I believe I could possess was a result of cowardice. I was simply too afraid, shy, embarrassed, confused to stand up and do the right/mature/character-ful thing.

While growing up is not always the most awesome thing in the world, I do look forward to learning from these past mistakes. I look forward to becoming a person with less timidity and trepidation. A person of stronger character.

Monday, August 1, 2011

wholly marvellous

what's whollymarvellous
is that you &i are more than you& i
(because It's we)
(please put on your dancing shoes 09.24.11 and celebrate with us)