Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I would like to conduct...

a science experiment in order to find out:

1- Why every time you walk in the front door, nature calls.

2- Why you must eat about half the french fries out of the bag as you drive home.
And/or why 2 fries at once tastes way better than just one at a time.

3- Why the smell of burnt popcorn can last for days, but the smell of freshly
baked bread wont.

4- And why, oh why... Naw, never mind.

*For the record, I really do like science. This is not just about getting to wear a lab coat or goggles. It's not even about Dexter. But I really like all 3 of those things as well.*

Monday, December 17, 2007

halfway here, and halfway there....

There are times in life that call out for a change. Provo, our spring was beautiful, but our love feel asleep in the snow..

It is time, time, time for me to go!

This is me, officially one car load into Salt Lake City. By the new year I will be 100% resident of SLC. I get giddy just thinking about it.. driving up my new street, buzzing into my new apartment.. orientation at my new school.. sometimes change is so good i think i could be addicted to it.

I will, however, miss things about Provo.. mainly people-things and other...things.

Last year, around this time, Rachel made me a cd that called, "new year, new life, new ipod" I think this years cd should be called, "new year, new school, new apartment, new hair, new life" or something like that.

There is reason to believe, maybe this year will be better than the last.

Oh and another thing:
I wait all year long for these:

They are So Delicious!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Sister Winter

Sister Winter

"Oh my friends I've
Begun to worry right
Where I should be grateful
I should be satisfied

Oh my heart I
Would clap and dance in place
With my friends I have so
Much pleasure to embrace

But my heart is
Returned to sister winter
But my heart is
As cold as ice

All my friends, I've
Returned to sister winter
All my friends, I
Apologise, apologise"

Just serves as a helpful reminder that when you think you have no words... somebody else probably already wrote them..

in this case, it was sufjan stevens.

thanks sufjan.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Wednesday morning I woke up before my alarm. I had had a weird dream. The kind that makes you want to raise your eye brow in the general direction of your subconscious and ask, "what the?"

But the dream is not the point, the point was I was up earlier than normal.. So up early and even in the first moments of the getting-ready-for-work routine, I knew what I wanted to do that day more than anything else. I wanted to read. This happens sometimes. Not just read a little bit, or even read the book I am in the middle of. I want to pick up a brand new book, that still smells like the bookstore, curl up and read that whole thing, cover to cover, in one sitting, however long that would be.

I got ready...early. Left the house... early

and drove to the bookstore. I picked up 2 books. No Country for Old Men and The History of Love. After reading the first page of both, I decided on No Country for old men. After reading the back covers, I decided on a History of Love. After looking at the time, and the line at the register, I decided not to buy either one... I was almost late for work. Slow day, nothing was entertaining because I knew what I wanted to be doing. I read about each book and each author on wikipedia and after thinking about it all day and finally finishing the work day, I went back to the bookstore and bought The History of Love. I that night in the library as much as I could. Taking breaks to work on my homework and talk to Jules and eat.. When all you want to do is read your new book, you realize how many other things you have to get done. Thursday the mood to read remained. Thursday was a busy day. Temple. Got to read a bit. Lunch and a movie with Aaron. Shower. Dinner with the crew. Got home late got to reading and feel asleep.. stayed asleep on the couch for most of the night fully clothed with the middle pages of the book mashed, folded and pushed up next to me.. The morning came. Today, the weather stepped in to help perpetuate the mood. It has been raining all day and all I thought about at work was the book I was reading and reading more of it... I'm home, and I have been reading. Until now. I am on page 116 of this novel and I had to find some way, someone to tell that this is one of the most moving/touching/perfect/beautiful books that I have ever, ever read.