Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"All Great and Precious Things are Loney"

Here are a few late night truths for a forgotten blog
(forgive the melancholy tone)
This is a mean reds day

 #1- 10:30pm has become late night for me

 #2-i miss being an actor. i am supposed to be helping people, but i feel pretty far away from that right now. Right now, everything just feels hard. And my body feels so tired. So hard.. and  So tired. all the time. (Heavy)

 #3-this blog post title is the name of a private blog i set up months ago. i set it up to have a place to put new things i have written.. poems and stories. it's empty. not one entry. lonely indeed. all my creative projects are lonely these days.

#4-i cant do it all.. even though i really want to. (see previous blog post)

#5- everyone else makes it look like it should be easy.