Wednesday, June 29, 2011

everlasting light

I'm getting married!


And just in case you might be wondering why i am marrying this young gentlemen,

or if you just don't know him that well, then i offer you...
and introduction to mr. champlin- the boy i'm going to marry and/or-

a brief explanation of some of the reasons i want to be with him everywhere:

#1 Crazy Smart: I have yet to ever bring up a topic that he doesn't know something interesting about.
(early in our courtship i thought i would stump him with
poets or books or theatre references- but not this kid. And when I called him excited from El Salvador after going to a zoo (for the first time in my life), i exclaimed, "elephants have eye lashes!" but he already knew, and told me a lot more about elephants. This is how lots of conversations roll.

He is so smart it's impossible for him to be boring. ever.

#2 Art: One time he made these sticker that really cracked me up.

#3. He is consistently doing things that crack me up.
And let's be real- funny does for me what Angelina Jolie does for most guys.

#4 When he cracks up he gets these really adorable lines in his cheeks (which have a beard on them-which i love) and around his eyes (which are blue-which i love), and his head bobs. its seriously awesome.

#5 He's into lots things which are awesome

# 6 He read the complete works of Shakespeare when he was a little kid (who does that?)

#7 He is skilled at the art of nightmare jokes
(nightmare jokes, incaseyoudon'tknow, are what he tells me when i wake up/call him in the middle of the night from a bad nightmare.. my favorite 3:00am nightmare joke involved Tom Cruise-you'll have to get him to tell it).

#8 He has a heart of gold. I cant really explain this one.. its incredible.

THE most selfless person i have ever, ever met.
he cares about the world. he wants to make it better.

even at his brokest he finds ways to send money to Sendai or buy a crochet hat from a woman in Africa.
he delivers flowers.

#Lastly (and this is by no means a comprehensive list) he is patient.
after two and a half years of on again-off again- up and down/all over the place dating, i nearly smashed both of our hearts to bits
(and i am positive i smashed some feelings of other innocent kind people as well, and to you people-- i don't know how to say i am sorry. you are not required to ever forgive me although i would really like that)

BUT he was patient, and kind and has always assured me that he would never give up on me.

I realize to some- this engagement may have seem to have come on fast and to those

I close with the immortal words of Harry

(of the classic cinematic treat When Harry met Sally-duh)
"when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with someone,

you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible"

Friday, June 24, 2011

eyes on the prize. mind on you.

everything i've learned- i have forgotten
everything i've forgotten is just like new