Tuesday, May 22, 2012


a couple of things i would like to improve on: (in no particular order) making dinner every night developing talents (writing, sewing, drawing, acting etc) making things with my hands more often sending things in the mail making sure the people i love know that i love them (show them more) looking good everyday-- get up early enough to actually get ready for the day reading more (read things every day) doing the dishes everyday. taking risks/doing things that scare me traveling being present writing things down (journal form, or variations) praying walking (more) /biking (more) /being outside (more) organizing.. completing things on time and/or early saving money and lastly personal confidence level ie. level of comfort in my own skin (where did this go?.. it starting disappearing around 2006. i want it back) lalalalala.


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Deea Nadhirah said...

Hi! I can totally relate to this post! New reader here, from Singapore!

Walk off the Earth said...
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